• Sir Martin Frobisher (d. 1594)

    On this day in history, 31st May 1578, Sir Martin Frobisher set sail with his fleet from Harwich, England, to Frobisher Bay, Canada. By 31st August 1578, Frobisher and his men had mined 1370 tons of ore, which was loaded onto the ships to take back to England. Unfortunately, no gold or other precious metal was found in the ore.

    But who was Sir Martin Frobisher?

    Sir Martin Frobisher was a privateer, explorer and naval commander who was born around 1535. He was born in Altofts, near Normanton, West Yorkshire, and was the son of Bernard Frobisher and Margaret Yorke. After his mother’s death he was sent to live with Sir John Yorke, a relative of his mother’s, in London. Yorke was a merchant adventurer.

    Frobisher took part in a voyage to Guinea in 1553 which Yorke had invested in and which was led by Thomas Wyndham. He acted as assistant to John Beryn, Yorke’s factor. A fever wiped out over two-thirds of the crew, including Wyndham, but Beryn and Frobisher survived. In 1554, Frobisher took part in a voyage to Guinea led by John Lok and ended up being taken into custody by the Portuguese and being held by them for 2-3 years.

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  • Margaret Beaufort 1443-1509

    Lady Margaret Beaufort, Countess of Richmond and Derby, mother of King Henry VII and grandmother of King Henry VIII, was born at Bletsoe Castle in Bedfordshire on 31st May 1443. She was the daughter of Margaret Beauchamp of Bletsoe and John Beaufort, 1st Duke of Somerset, grandson of John of Gaunt, 1st Duke of Lancaster, and his mistress (and eventual wife) Katherine Swynford.

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  • Webinars – Reading old documents: Introduction to Medieval and Tudor palaeography

    Thank you to historian Conor Byrne for letting me know about this series of free webinars from the National Archives. Unfortunately, we’ve missed part 1 but part 2 is on Monday 5th June at 6pm BST and part 3 is on Wednesday 28th June at 6pm BST.

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  • Christopher Marlowe

    On this day in history, 30th May 1593, the playwright and poet, Christopher Marlowe, was stabbed to death at a house in Deptford Strand, near London, in what has been described as a “tavern brawl”. However, he was killed in a private room of a house, not a tavern, and some believe that he was assassinated.

    You can find out more about Marlowe in my Claire Chats video talk on him…

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  • Elizabeth I book now available to members

    Just to let you know that the final book in our Tudor Monarchs e-book series is now available to download!

    It’s over 260 pages long and is jam-packed with information on Queen Elizabeth I, a queen who has gone down in history as Gloriana, the Virgin Queen and Good Queen Bess.

    All six of our Tudor Monarchs series e-books are available to download as PDF files, kindle books and epubs free of charge to Tudor Society members. Go to our Tudor Monarchs books page now to download.

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  • This week in history 29 May – 4 June

    On this day in history…

    29th May:

    1500 – Death of Thomas Rotherham, Archbishop of York, at Cawood Castle, Yorkshire. He was buried in York Minster.
    1533 – Anne Boleyn’s coronation pageantry began with a river procession.
    1542 – Death of Sir Thomas Neville, lawyer and Speaker of the House of Commons, county commissioner in Kent, Surrey, Sussex, and Middlesex, and Knight of St John. He was the fifth son of George Neville, 2nd Baron Bergavenny. Neville was buried in Mereworth church in Kent.
    1546 – Murder of David Beaton, Cardinal and Archbishop of St Andrews, at the castle in St Andrews. He was killed by a small group of Fife lairds. One motive was their outrage at the recent trial and execution of Protestant preacher George Wishart at St Andrews.
    1555 – Birth of George Carew, Earl of Totnes, soldier, administrator and Lord President of Munster. He was a member of James I’s Privy Council and his council of war. He was also a friend of Sir Walter Ralegh, and pleaded unsuccessfully for his life.
    1593 – Hanging of religious controversialist John Penry at St Thomas-a-Watering in Surrey. Penry had been found guilty of “publishing scandalous writings against the church” after having been linked to the “Marprelate religious tracts.”
    1623 – Burial of Francis Anthony, alchemist and physician, in the church of St Bartholomew-the-Great.

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  • Transcript of live chat with Michelle Enzinas

    Thank you for all those who attended the live chat with Michelle Enzinas on Friday night. We had a wonderful time, and learned a lot of things we didn’t know before, always a good thing! Here is the transcript of the event:

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  • June 2017 Tudor Life Taster

    Check out this sample of our Tudor Life magazine, all about Anne of Cleves, with articles from Natalie Grueninger, Kyra Kramer, Conor Byrne, Heather Darsie, Jane Moulder, Rioghnach O’Geraghty, Toni Mount and Emma Taylor, it’s unmissable…

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  • June 2017 Tudor Life Magazine – Anne of Cleves

    The full edition of our giant 62-page June edition of Tudor Life Magazine. It’s a fantastic look into Henry VIII’s fourth wife, Anne of Cleves.

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  • 1541 Quiz

    As it has been the anniversary of the execution of Margaret Pole, this week, I thought it would be interesting to pick the year 1541 and to write a quiz about the events of that year. How much do you know about this year in Henry VIII’s reign? Grab a coffee and/or your breakfast and let’s get started. Good luck!

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