• Halloween, All Hallows Eve and Soul Cakes

    The 31st October was and is, of course, All Hallows Eve or Halloween. Although it was a religious festival in medieval and Tudor times, it has its roots in Pagan celebrations and it comes from Samhain, the Celtic new year festival which was celebrated from sunset on 31st October to sunset on 1st November. On that night, it was believed that the veil between the world of the living and that of the dead was at its thinnest and that the souls of the dead and evil spirits could walk the earth. Church bells were rung, bonfires were lit and people wore masks to ward off these spirits and to send them on their way. Farm buildings and homes were also blessed to protect them from evil spirits and witches.

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  • Edward VI “Monarch Series” book out now

    We’ve completed the work on the next book in our Monarch Series – it’s the turn of Edward VI.

    You can download ALL of the monarch series books for free as full access members of the Tudor Society.

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  • Henry VII Quiz

    Henry VII was the founder of the Tudor dynasty but how much do you know about him? Get those brain cells working and enjoy this fun quiz from Rebecca Larson.

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  • The Beginning of a Dynasty: The Coronation of Henry VII

    Thank you to our regular contributor, Heather R.Darsie, for writing this article on the coronation of Henry VII, founder of the Tudor dynasty.

    On 30 October 1485, Henry VII’s coronation was held, and he became the first Tudor monarch. The date of 30 October was chosen in part because he wished to be crowned king before the next sitting of Parliament, which took place on 7 November. By having his coronation before the next sitting of Parliament, which was the first to take place after the Battle of Bosworth, Henry would not need Parliament to declare him the rightful king. There are not any contemporary descriptions of the coronation, but there are several items that show the careful and shrewd character which the 28-year-old Henry employed to make certain his claim to England was sound. All that is really known is that Henry’s coronation took place at Westminster Abbey.

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  • Windsor Castle and St George’s Chapel

    Sarah Bryson talks about some of the history of Windsor Castle, and shares what it was like to see Charles Brandon’s Garter Place in St Georges Chapel.

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  • Expert live chats timetable – 28 October Open Day

    live_chat_melanieHere is a reminder of our expert live-chats programme for today's Tudor Society Open Day. Just head on over to the https://www.tudorsociety.com/opendaychatroom/ at the following times to get asking your questions and discussing these Tudor people and topics. We hope you enjoy it and a big thank you to all of these historians and authors.

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  • Recommended Reading Report

    Enter your details to be in with a chance to win the Open Day 2016 prize, plus we’ll send you a link to your free report …

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  • November 2016 Tudor Life Magazine

    Health is the theme of this month’s Tudor Life magazine. It’s jam packed with articles on health and disease, plus a fun quiz where you can find out what might have killed you in the Tudor era!

    This 72-page magazine will keep any Tudor history lover busy – enjoy!

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  • Tudor Society on Facebook and Twitter

    Due to popular demand (thank you to all those who mentioned it!), I’ve set up a Facebook page and Twitter account for the Tudor Society. This means that you can stay informed via social media regarding new posts and additions to the site and also share news with friends. I hope that this will also spread the word about the Tudor Society.

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  • November expert speaker – Janet Wertman on Jane Seymour

    Coming soon to the Tudor Society is our November expert talk! November’s speaker is Janet Wertman, author of Jane the Quene: Book One of the Seymour Saga, who will be talking about her research into the life of Henry VIII’s third wife, Queen Jane Seymour, for her historical novel. Janet’s talk will be followed by a live-chat session with her later in November.

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