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Quiz – Anne Boleyn’s Fall

This week for our 144th quiz we're commemorating the anniversary of Queen Anne Boleyn's execution on this day in 1536 with questions about her fall.

Grab a coffee and a snack, get comfortable and test yourself on the events of April and May 1536. Good luck!

Anne Boleyn's fall 1536

Q1) Who was Lord Chancellor at Anne Boleyn's fall in spring 1536?

Thomas Cromwell

Thomas Howard, 3rd Duke of Norfolk

Thomas Audley

William Fitzwilliam

Q2) Where was court musician Mark Smeaton taken to be interrogated on 30th April 1536?

Thomas Cromwell's house

Tower of London


Thomas Audley's house

Q3) With whom was Anne Boleyn conversing when she said "You look for dead men’s shoes, for if aught came to the King but good, you would look to have me"?

Mark Smeaton

Sir Francis Weston

William Brereton

Sir Henry Norris

Q4) What was Anne Boleyn said to be doing when she was arrested on 2nd May 1536?

Watching a game of real tennis

Watching a joust

Talking to her brother

Reading the Bible

Q5) How many men were arrested in April and May 1536 as part of the fall of Anne Boleyn?





Q6) The grand juries of which two English counties drew up the indictments against the queen and the men?





Q7) On which date in 1536 were Queen Anne Boleyn and her brother, George Boleyn, Lord Rochford, tried before a jury of their peers?

12 May

13 May

15 May

17 May

Q8) On 16th May 1536, Anne Boleyn spoke of being "in hope of life" and being sent to ....

Exile in France

A nunnery

Exile in the Low Countries

House arrest at Hever

Q9) Which of the men was executed first on Tower Hill on 17th May 1536?

Mark Smeaton

Henry Norris

Francis Weston

George Boleyn

Q10) Who said "She who has been the Queen of England upon earth will to-day become a Queen in heaven" on 19th May 1536?

Thomas Cranmer

Alexander Alesius

Thomas Wyatt

Thomas Boleyn

Q11) At her execution, Queen Anne Boleyn was reported as saying "And if any person will meddle of my cause, I require them to ......."

Proclaim my innocence

Pray for me daily

Judge the best

Remember me

Q12) Where were Anne Boleyn's remains laid to rest on 19th May 1536?

Chapel of St John the Evangelist at the Tower of London

The churchyard of the Chapel of St Peter ad Vincula at the Tower of London

The chancel of the Chapel of St Peter ad Vincula at the Tower of London

All Hallows by the Tower

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  1. A

    12 out of 12 😊

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  3. M

    Your Score: 12 / 12
    Your Ranking: Tudor history expert – Celebrate, you’re a know-it-all!

    Some of those got me thinking. Sad subject but was fun. Thanks

  4. K

    i got 12 out of 12 and it was fun

  5. K

    Humbled! 8 of 12. lops like I’ve been a bit slack this year.

  6. K

    Your Ranking: Tudor history expert – Celebrate, you’re a know-it-all!

    Was very fun to test my knowledge! So sad and unfair what happen Anne, her brother and the other men!

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  8. A

    Perhaps i am not an expert but i do love Anne Boleyn’s History – she was a very inteligent woman – very seductive yet vulnerable in spite of her glory- perhaps/ if she had given birth to a male child she would not have been beheaded- the irony is that she was the mother of the greatest Queen of England – Elizabeth I –

  9. J

    12/12 I love Tudor history

  10. m

    Apparently,it back to Anne Boleyn Files for me.I don’t mind

  11. B

    7/12 hm hm😶

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Quiz – Anne Boleyn’s Fall