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Quiz – Anne Boleyn’s Fall

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This week for our 144th quiz we're commemorating the anniversary of Queen Anne Boleyn's execution on this day in 1536 with questions about her fall.

Grab a coffee and a snack, get comfortable and test yourself on the events of April and May 1536. Good luck!

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  1. Amanda Mackie /

    12 out of 12 😊

  2. Amanda /


  3. Melissa /

    Your Score: 12 / 12
    Your Ranking: Tudor history expert – Celebrate, you’re a know-it-all!

    Some of those got me thinking. Sad subject but was fun. Thanks

  4. Kitty /

    i got 12 out of 12 and it was fun

  5. Katherine Carlisle /

    Humbled! 8 of 12. lops like I’ve been a bit slack this year.

  6. Katie /

    Your Ranking: Tudor history expert – Celebrate, you’re a know-it-all!

    Was very fun to test my knowledge! So sad and unfair what happen Anne, her brother and the other men!

  7. RealTudorLady /


  8. Ana Consuelo Gomez /

    Perhaps i am not an expert but i do love Anne Boleyn’s History – she was a very inteligent woman – very seductive yet vulnerable in spite of her glory- perhaps/ if she had given birth to a male child she would not have been beheaded- the irony is that she was the mother of the greatest Queen of England – Elizabeth I –

  9. Jo /

    12/12 I love Tudor history

  10. mrsfiennes /

    Apparently,it back to Anne Boleyn Files for me.I don’t mind

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Quiz – Anne Boleyn’s Fall