• Catherine of Aragon’s Stillbirth on 31 January 1510 – The Primary Source

    On this day in history, 31st January 1510, Queen Catherine of Aragon gave birth to a still-born daughter. Although she had lost her baby, Catherine’s abdomen stayed rounded and actually began to increase in size, leading her physicians to conclude that she was still pregnant with the twin of the baby she’d lost. This was not true.
    I thought it would be interesting to share the primary source account of this event here.

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  • Video – Henry VIII’s Love Letters to Anne Boleyn – The Sweating Sickness Letter

    In today’s Claire Chats video I talk about the contrast between the letter Henry VIII wrote to Anne Boleyn in June 1528, when he’d just found out that she’d come down with sweating sickness, and his other letters to her. I show photographs of those letters so you can see the difference Sandra Vasoli talked about in her recent talk.

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  • Sneak peek – February 2015 Tudor Life Magazine

    Want a sneak-peek into the February Tudor Life magazine? Here's your chance .. just click on the image below!

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  • Africans in Tudor and Stuart England by Conor Byrne

    One often hears of the Tudor period being ‘done to death’. Historians have always revelled, and continue to do so, in studying this exciting and glamorous period, which saw monumental religious change, political development and cultural growth, and ordinary people worldwide cannot get enough of the Tudors, whether reading about them, watching historical films or visiting Tudor palaces. However, it cannot be denied that our obsession with the Tudors is very white-centred.

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  • Tudor Life February 2015 – Lady Jane Grey Special!

    Enjoy this amazing 82 page Lady Jane Grey Special Edition magazine.

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  • Henry VII

    Henry VII was born at Pembroke Castle on the 28th January 1457. His parents were the thirteen year-old Lady Margaret Beaufort and her husband Edmund Tudor, 1st Earl of Richmond, who, unfortunately, had died of the plague three months before Henry’s birth.

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  • Walter Cromwell – Just who was he?

    Walter Cromwell – just who was he?

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  • Holbein: Eye of the Tudors video

    A video on the life and work of Hans Holbein, the artist who became court painter to Henry VIII.

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  • Windsor Castle by Sarah Bryson

    Windsor Castle dates back to the time of William the Conqueror, who started building the Castle in 1070. Work was completed in 1086 and the great castle was built as a means to defend and secure the western path towards London. The castle was built on an earth mound which supported a keep and has an Upper and Lower Ward.

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  • Sir Francis Drake

    ]On the 27th January 1596, Sir Francis Drake, explorer, sea captain and pirate, died of dysentery in Portobelo harbour, Panama. When he realised that death was near, he asked to be dressed in his armour. Although he requested burial on land, Drake was buried at sea in a lead coffin, along with his second cousin, Admiral Sir John Hawkins.

    Here are some facts about Sir Francis Drake, the famous Elizabethan sailor and navigator…

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