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Tudor History Quiz – 14 May

Grab a coffee, make yourself comfortable and exercise those little grey cells with a quiz on one of your favourite subjects. This week's quiz is a general Tudor history quiz and we hope you enjoy it. Good luck!

Tudor History Quiz - 14 May 2017

Q1) This man became one of the most important leaders of the Elizabethan Separatist movement and a founder of English and American Congregationalism.

William Barlow

Robert Barnes

John Bale

Henry Barrow

Q2) This man was the jailer specially appointed by Mary I to keep Princess Elizabeth confined in the Tower of London and at Woodstock in 1554-1555.

Henry Bedingfield

William Sharington

William Killigrew

Robert Tyrwhitt

Q3) What was the significance of the mother of Katherine Willoughby, Duchess of Suffolk?

She was Duchess of Suffolk in her own right

She was a Spanish noblewoman and close friend of Catherine of Aragon

She was executed for treason

She was heiress of her father's estate

Q4) Which of the following men was not executed in May 1536?

George Boleyn

Thomas Culpeper

Mark Smeaton

William Brereton

Q5) These women were married to Charles Brandon - select all that apply.

Mary Tudor

Elizabeth Carew

Katherine Willoughby

Anne Browne

Q6) Which writer used the pseudonym "Roderick Mor"?

Henry Brinkelow

John Bourchier

Francis Bacon

William Baldwin

Q7) Who was Sir Thomas Bromley?

Lord Chancellor under Elizabeth I

Lord Privy Seal under Edward VI

Privy Councillor under Mary I

Gentlemen of the Privy Chamber under Henry VIII

Q8) Who served as Lord Privy Seal prior to Thomas Boleyn, Earl of Wiltshire?

Thomas Cromwell

John Russell

William Paget

Cuthbert Tunstall

Q9) Stephen Gardiner was Bishop of....





Q10) In which month of 1554 did Mary I marry Philip of Spain?





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Tudor History Quiz – 14 May