• October 2014 Magazine

    Check out our October Halloween Special “Tudor Life” Magazine

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  • Tudor Life and Times Quiz

    Try your hand at these fun questions on Tudor life and times.

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  • Wars of the Roses and Richard III Primary Sources

    Links to online primary sources for the Wars of the Roses and Richard III.

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  • Tudor Accidental Deaths Video

    In this week’s Claire Chats video I talk about what historian Steve Gunn unearthed when he investigated coroners’ inquest reports from the Tudor period. Some really sad accidental deaths!

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  • This Week in History 22-28 September

    “On this day in history” events for 22-28 September.

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  • Tudor Life Magazine September Winner

    book-prizesCongratulations to Lori Adams who has won this month's Tudor Life giveaway.

    Lori has won copies of Jessie Childs' God's Traitors, Anne Clinard Barnhill's Queen Elizabeth's Daughter, Robert Stephen Parry's Elizabeth the Virgin Queen and the Men who Loved Her, and Melanie V. Taylor's The Truth of the Line. I hope you enjoy these books Lori!

    There will be a book giveaway every month and a winner will be picked at random from Tudor Society members.

  • Henry VIII’s Six Wives Quiz

    Have fun with these 13 questions on Henry VIII’s six queen consorts.

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  • Free Material

    Six WivesMembers of the Tudor Society enjoy a monthly magazine, a monthly expert talk and online chat with an author/historian, weekly history quizzes, weekly Claire Chats videos on Tudor topics, and much more. Here are some samples for you to enjoy:

    Weekly Tudor History Quiz

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    Tudor Life Magazine

    Each magazine comprises:

    • Columns from our regular contributors: historian Gareth Russell, anthropologist Kyra Kramer, art historian Melanie Taylor, re-enactors The Tudor Roses, author Claire Ridgway and book reviewer Charlie Fenton.
    • Guest articles from historians/authors
    • Upcoming events
    • On this day in history...
    • Books - Recent and upcoming books
    • Tudor recipe of the month
    • Articles on Tudor history and life in Tudor times
    • Tudor personality of the month - A biography of an important Tudor personality
    • Coffee break - Puzzle/Quiz/Crossword
    • History News
    • Giveaway
    • Letters/Questions
    • Tudor Property of the Month

    Here are two samples from our monthly magazines

    September 2014 Sample Magazine
    October 2014 Sample Magazine
    November 2014 Sample Magazine

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    Claire Chats Videos

    Each week Tudor Society founder and author Claire Ridgway will be speaking about an aspect of Tudor history for discussion on the Society's forum. Here's an example video:

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    WebM (mobile) Video: CLICK HERE
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    Expert Talks and chats

    Each month we have at least one talk from an author, historian or history researcher. The expert also joins us for a live chat session on the Tudor Society's chatroom where members can ask questions and get them answered.


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  • Tudor Quotes and Poetry Quiz

    Have fun with these 13 questions on poetry and quotations from the Tudor era.

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  • Tudor Pets Video

    In this week’s Claire Chats video I talk about some of the pets the Tudors were known to have.

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