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These Tudors Are Your Favourites

A couple of weeks ago we asked our Instagram followers to vote on their favourite Tudor Monarch and wife of Henry VIII. We combined the votes with the most searched questions on Google and the country in which they are most popular. Here are the results!

Tudor Monarchs

Let’s start with the kings and queens of the Tudor dynasty. We will start with the monarch who got the least amount of votes and finish with the favourite. 

6. Mary I
We put Mary up against Elizabeth and she got only 20% of the votes. 257 people voted in total, of which she only received 51 votes. The country in which she is most popular, is the UK. When we looked her up on Google trends, we saw that there is not much interest in the queen herself. The most searched question is how to make a bloody Mary cocktail. And this is why she is the lowest on our list.

5. Edward VI
Edward had to battle against Lady Jane Grey. Which he sadly did not win, with only 54 votes of the 228. However, he is beloved most by people in Ireland and the UK. The most searched question for the young king was how he died.

4. Henry VII
Next on our list, is the first Tudor monarch. Between the two Henrys, VII lost with 85 votes of the 246. He is not only the most popular in the UK, but also overseas in the United States. The questions which were asked the most, were whether he was a good king, when he died and the white princess, which is a series about Elizabeth of York and Henry VII.

3. Lady Jane Grey
She may have won the first round against Edward VI, but in the last battle between the three winners, she had the least amount of votes. She ended last with only 13 of the 141 total votes. She is most popular in the UK and surprisingly also in Saint Helena. The most asked question, is simply who she was.

2. Henry VIII
Henry came in second on our list with 46 votes. Just like Edward VI, he is most liked in the UK and in Ireland. When we looked up which questions were most asked, a lot popped up. Some examples are: Which of Henry VIII wives were executed, Henry VIII man monarch monster, Henry VIII oversimplified and Henry VIII illegitimate children.

1. Elizabeth I
This means that Elizabeth is the favourite Tudor monarch of our Instagram followers. Not only did she win the first round against Mary with 206 votes of the 257, she also won the second round with 82 of the 141 votes. She is admired most in the UK and in South-Africa. The most asked questions and Google searches are: Who ruled after Elizabeth I, Cate Blanchett and Elizabeth I Children. 

Wives of Henry VIII

We also looked at the six wives to see who your favourite is.

6. Jane Seymour
The third wife of Henry is last on our list. She received only 53 of the 196 votes against Anne of Cleves. This may come as a bit of a surprise as she is sometimes said to have been Henry’s favourite wife. The queen consort is most popular in the UK and the highest Google search is Henry VIII wives in order.

5. Catherine of Aragon
Henry’s first wife Catherine of Aragon had to go up against Anne Boleyn. Catherine got 67 votes of the 204. She is most popular in the UK and in Australia and the most searched question on Google is whether Catherine had a son.

4. Catherine Howard
Catherine Howard lost against Catherine Parr with 74 of the 183 votes. The young queen is most beloved in Ireland. She unfortunately does not have many Google searches, because the most searched question on Google is Catherine Howard.

3. Catherine Parr
The last wife of Henry may have won the first round with 109 votes of 183, but she received the least amount of votes in the second round, only 16. It is the UK in which she is most popular and the most asked question is when and how she died.

2. Anne of Cleves
“The king’s beloved sister”, as Anne is also known as, has come second on our list. She won the first round against Jane Seymour with 143 votes. In the second round, this number was reduced to 26 votes. People in the UK are most interested in her and the most searched questions are: What happened to Anne of Cleves and how did Anne of Cleves die?

1. Anne Boleyn
The winner of our list is, without a doubt, Anne Boleyn. It is with an amount of 137 votes that she won the first round and in the second round, she received 90 of the 132 votes. She is most admired by the UK and people have only one burning question: why was she murdered?

So mother and daughter came out as the top favourites of our Instagram followers. Do you agree with them or do you have another favourite?

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  1. I

    Elizabeth is 100 % definitely mine 😍😍 But Anne and Catherine always alternate at the level of my most favourite!! When I think of it, I have another one: namely Anna as I am German just like her💕💕

  2. C

    Elizabeth I is my number one favorite of the monarchs and Anne of Cleaves my favorite of Henry’s wives.

  3. L

    Interesting results, thanks for sharing! Not much of a surprise in regards to the favorite monarchs, but the order of the queen consorts is quite telling!

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These Tudors Are Your Favourites