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June 2015 Tudor Life Magazine

June Magazine Cover

June Magazine Cover

Here's the latest magazine with all our regular items and contributors plus lots of fascinating articles about people and places from the Tudor period.

This issue includes:

  • 5 things you (probably) didn't know about Robert Dudley - Elizabeth Goldring
  • The Tudor housewife - Toni Mount
  • Francis and Catherine Knollys: A Tudor love story - Adrienne Dillard
  • Henry Fitzroy - Kyra Kramer
  • Marie de Guise - Melanie Clegg
  • The Fitzwilliam virginal book: A mystery still to be solved? - Jane Moulder
  • Henry VIII and Anne Boleyn: A love story? - Lissa Bryan
  • June feast days - Claire Ridgway
  • Haddon Hall - Geoff Ridgway
  • The complex history of Catherine de' Medici - Gareth Russell
  • Roses in Tempest - book review by Charlie Fenton
  • Field of Cloth of Gold - Melanie V. Taylor
  • Anne Askew: the Tudor era's unknowing feminist change agent - Beth von Staats
  • Elizabeth Wydeville: marriage and myth - Olga Hughes

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    Thoroughly enjoyed this months magazine

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June 2015 Tudor Life Magazine