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July 2015 Tudor Life Magazine

This month we have a wide range of articles under the broad theme "Vulnerability". Articles include:

  • Amy Licence Cushions and Tabernacles: What Thomas Cromwell left behind.
  • Laura McCosker The Guild of Saint Mary Magdalene: A barber's life in Tudor Dublin
  • Conor Byrne Childbearing Women in Tudor and Stuart England.
  • Gareth Russell Homosexuality in the Tudor aristocracy
  • Anne Barnhill Women, The Endangered Species?
  • Nancy Bilyeau The Throckmortons: Tale of a Tudor Catholic Family
  • Debra Bayani The Loire Valley
  • Gareth Russell Elizabeth I and Thomas Seymour
  • Melanie Taylor Henry Fitzroy - 23rd July 1536
  • Kyra Kramer Mary I, Usurper and Queen
  • Claire Ridgway Tudor Feast Days
  • Beth von Staats Religious Persecution
  • Jane Moulder Tudor Balads
  • Olga Hughes Anne Neville - A Cinderella Story

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  1. J

    Is this a “real” magazine or a virtual one. I hope it is real. I have not been getting it.

    I have a not her idea for books for your daughter. They are called the Betsy/Tacy books by Maud Hart Lovelace. Not as well known as the Little House books but just as beloved!


    1. C

      Hi Jean,
      It’s a digital magazine and you can read it or download it from the site.

      Thank you for the book ideas!


  2. L

    Really looking forward to reading another excellent monthly magazine, especially since I’m on my holidays

  3. r

    I just got around to reading this month’s magazine and wanted to clarify something in Debra Bayani’s article on the Loire Valley. On page 42 she states “Edward and Anne’s (Neville) son Charles VIII was born at ….in 1470.”
    I think this must be a mistake, as I believe Prince Edward (Henry VI and Margaret of Anjou’s son) and Anne Neville didn’t have any children. Charles VIII parents were Louis XI of France and Charlotte of Savoy.
    Am I correct?

    1. C

      Hi Ricki,
      I’ve just asked Tim to look into that and it seems that in the editing and layout phase the article was changed, with two paragraphs being merged into once, so it is completely our fault and not Debra’s at all. The original, written by Debra, read:
      “Once in royal possession it became the favourite residence of Louis XI, who had his wife Queen Charlotte of Savoye live there. Their son, the future Charles VIII, was born at the castle in 1470.”
      Thank you for pointing that out and we will be adding a correction to the next issue of the magazine.

  4. r

    Just glad I know my history!!
    Also want to tell you that I so enjoy reading everything that is posted on this site and specially the magazines. So glad I joined! When is my subscription up for renewal?
    Thanks for all the hard work

    1. C

      Hi Ricki,
      Thank you! I’m so glad you enjoy your membership. It looks like your subscription is up for renewal on 2 September.

      1. r

        How do I go about renewing? Will you send out an email?

  5. S

    I really enjoyed reading the July edition of the Magazine. It is so interesting and the articles so well presented. I am really loving The Tudor Society and am so pleased I joined. Thank you for all your hard work.


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