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April 2016 Tudor Life Magazine

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This month's Tudor Life members magazine is full of "comebacks", Tudor personalities and Tudor places.

Includes articles from:

  • Anne Boleyn and Henry Percy - Claire Ridgway
  • Edmund Bonner: From royal diplomat to scourge of Protestantism - Gareth Russell
  • Elizabeth's effervescent endurance - Rebecca Lenaghan
  • Henry VIII's conversion - Dr. Richard Rex
  • Tudor Tales - book review by Charlie Fenton
  • An insider's guide to the Tower of London Part 2 - Tara Ball
  • Comebacks in Tudor Britain - Melanie V. Taylor
  • The feast day of St George - Kyra Kramer
  • Adventitious Almonds: Tudor Kitchen - Olga Hughes
  • Maskings and Morescos - Jane Moulder
  • Arundel Castle - Geoff Ridgway
  • The Dudleys Part 2 - Derek Wilson

We also have a GIVEAWAY of "The Tudors" by Richard Rex - check out page 47.

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  1. S

    Dear Claire/Tim,

    I’m trying to download April’s magazine but get the following message –

    Error 404,Page Not Found
    We’re sorry but the page is not existed or deleted by the administrator. Perhaps searching can help.

    Now it could be a problem my end but could you check your end for me.

    Thanks and keep up the good work with the Tudor Society.


  2. D

    I am also getting 404 errors on attempting to download both the high and low resolution versions of the April magazine.


    Catie “Doc” Clark

  3. A - Post Author

    This has been fixed and the downloads work fine now. Thanks for highlighting the issue.

  4. L

    Looking forward to another good read from your magazine

  5. L

    Just finished reading your wonderful magazine. I really enjoyed reading about Anne Boleyn and Henry Percy and Edmund Bonner, what a rotter he was but it would make a good film . I’m trying to think which actor I would choose to play Bonner

    1. C

      Hmmm… I think I’d cast someone like the Scottish actor Brian Cox or James Cosmo, I don’t know why and they’re both Scottish, which doesn’t fit, but I think they’d work.

  6. L

    Tom Hardy would have to be the actor for me , I only wish that the BBC and otherT.V channels would make more historical series as the are very popular . It’s the first time ever my husband read your magazine and he was very impressed by the contents. He likes to read the History magazine every month but he said he would start to read it this magazine too

  7. J

    This is the first issue I have read. I plan on checking out the back issues. The article about the Tower of London was great. I have seen pictures of the outside but this was the first time I have seen the Chapel of St. John the Evangelist. I would love to see more about the Tower. It has played an important role since at least 1078. I had never heard of Edmund Bonner before this issue. I know the heavy weights like Henry VIII, Elizabeth, Mary, Edward VI, the Seymour’s and the Boleyn’s. I love to find out new things such as this. I had a 12th great grandfather Thomas Bathurst and his son my 11th great grandfather who were both clothiers. Both must have been around Henry’s court. Thomas and his brother John were encouraged by Henry in the late 1530s in Canterbury and I think made a financial loan to the King and his son Robert also made loan to the Henry (5 pds) around 1542. Keep up the great work and bring us more articles about some of the lesser known people!

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