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May 2016 Tudor Life Magazine

pIn This month's Tudor Life magazine we have ended up celebrating the arrival of Summer, which can't be a bad thing! May all manner of merrymaking and feasting begin...

Includes articles from:

  • Queen Katherine Howard's letter to Thomas Culpeper - Conor Byrne
  • The myth of the naughty Jane Rocheford - Adrienne Dillard
  • Zips, rubber soles and handrails - Emma Elizabeth Taylor
  • The triumph of Henri IV of France - Dominic Pierce
  • Merry making and festivities - Toni Mount
  • The Dudleys - Derek Wilson
  • Katherine of Aragon - book review by Charlie Fenton
  • May feast days - Claire Ridgway
  • An insider's guide to the Tower of London: Part 3 - Tara Ball
  • Merrymaking - Melanie V. Taylor
  • Sweethearts and sweetmeats - Olga Hughes
  • Celebrating the beginning of summer - Jane Moulder
  • Warwick Castle: a brief history - Tim Ridgway

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  1. L

    Looking forward to reading the magazine as always

  2. C

    Just downloaded the magazine. Looking forward to reading it!

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May 2016 Tudor Life Magazine