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Katherine of Aragon Quiz

Rebecca's quiz this week is on Katherine of Aragon, first wife and queen consort of King Henry VIII. How much do you know about this fascinating Tudor lady?

Katherine of Aragon Quiz

Q1) In which year was Katherine of Aragon born?





Q2) True or False: Katherine was named regent in 1513 while Henry VIII was off fighting in France?



Q3) Katherine's first husband Arthur Tudor, Prince of Wales, died how long after they were married?

Nearly one year

Nearly 5 months

3 weeks

Nearly 4 years

Q4) In which year was Katherine of Aragon's last recorded pregnancy?





Q5) Maria de Salinas and this man were two of Katherine's strongest allies, they also saw her before she died in 1536 at Kimbolton Castle. Who was the man?

Charles Brandon

Eustace Chapuys

Thomas Cromwell

Thomas Howard

Q6) When Henry VIII nullified his marriage with Katherine she was to use which of the following titles?

Infanta of Spain

Princess of England

Dowager Princess of Wales

Sister of the King

Q7) In which property were Arthur and Catherine residing when Arthur died?

Richmond Palace

Greenwich Palace

St James's Palace

Ludlow Castle

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  1. L

    Im getting better 5/7

    1. C - Post Author


  2. M

    7 of 7…I could write a book

  3. K

    Stoked with 6/7!

  4. A

    Yay! Another good one!

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Katherine of Aragon Quiz