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November 2016 Tudor Life Magazine

cover_november2016Health is the theme of this month's Tudor Life magazine. It's jam packed with articles on health and disease, plus a fun quiz where you can find out what might have killed you in the Tudor era!

This 72-page magazine will keep any Tudor history lover busy - enjoy!


  • Pregnancy in Tudor Art - Melanie Taylor
  • William Byrd: The Recusant Catholic Composer - Jane Moulder
  • Windsor Castle - Tim Ridgway
  • The Health of Edward VI - Kyra Kramer
  • Beauty in Early Modern England - Conor Byrne
  • Jane Seymour in portraiture - Melanie V. Taylor
  • The Many Faces of Anne Boleyn - Wendy J. Dunn
  • Disease of the Medieval and Tudor Era - Claire Ridgway
  • Twenty Terrible Tudor Remedies - Olga Hughes
  • Excerpt from The STORY of THE TUDOR QUEENS - Roland Hui
  • Whitehall Palace in a Nutshell - book review by Charlie Fenton
  • November's On this Day in Tudor History
  • TUDOR WORD SEARCH ... what killed you in Medieval Times? - Tim Ridgway

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  1. L

    Once again a great read, I’ve learned so much from your magazine about health in Tudor times and especially the articals on child birth which I found sad. I loved the articals on remedies for ailments really funny and quite scary at the same time . Thanks, lynne

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November 2016 Tudor Life Magazine