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Free Jane Seymour audio lesson 24 October 2016

six_wives_thumbTo commemorate the death of Jane Seymour, third wife of Henry VIII, are offering everyone the chance to listen to module 3 of their new seven-unit course, "The Six Wives of Henry VIII: Monarchy and Matrimony in Tudor England" for free just for today.

It's just over 26 minutes long and is written and narrated by historian Gareth Russell, author of A History of the English Monarchy: From Boadicea to Elizabeth I and the forthcoming Young and Damned and Fair: The Life and Tragedy of Catherine Howard at the Court of Henry VIII.

Click here to head over to the course website to enjoy this module. I hope you enjoy it and it would be wonderful to hear what you think about it and what you think about Jane Seymour too.

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Free Jane Seymour audio lesson 24 October 2016