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Tudor Women Quiz

Grab a coffee and enjoy a five-minute break while testing your Tudor knowledge with this fun quiz - good luck!

Tudor Women Quiz

Q1) Margaret Douglas experienced the wrath of her uncle, Henry VIII when she entered into an unauthorised engagement to...

Henry Fitzroy

Lord Thomas Howard

Thomas Seymour

Henry Howard

Q2) This Tudor woman was governess to a young Mary Tudor, sister of Henry VIII, and also followed her to France only to be sent back to England.

Margaret Bryan

Elizabeth Denton

Joan Vaux

Margaret Pole

Q3) Which sister of a queen consort married Gregory Cromwell, son of Thomas Cromwell?

Dorothy Seymour

Mary Boleyn

Elizabeth Seymour

Anne Parr

Q4) Which Tudor Catherine married the Earl of Hertford without Queen Elizabeth I’s permission?

Catherine Carey

Catherine Grey

Catherine Woodville

Catherine Brydges

Q5) Which of these women was the grandmother of Lady Jane Grey?

Elizabeth Grey

Joan Vaux

Margaret Wotton

Frances Brandon

Q6) This Tudor woman served Queen Elizabeth I and married without her consent. Her father was a diplomat and politician during the reign of Queen Elizabeth and was instrumental in the relationship between Queen Elizabeth and her cousin Mary, Queen of Scots.

Margaret Radcliffe

Elizabeth Throckmorton

Margaret Russell

Catherine Carey

Q7) Which of these men did Catherine Carey, daughter of Mary Boleyn, marry?

Francis Knollys

William Stafford

Walter Devereux

Robert Dudley

Q8) Which woman, known for her library, her intelligence and translation work, was married to William Cecil, Lord Burghley?

Lettice Knollys

Penelope Devereux

Anne Cooke

Mildred Cooke

Q9) How many times did Elizabeth Hardwick, known as 'Bess of Hardwick', marry?





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Tudor Women Quiz