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Thank you to Rebecca Larson for writing this week's quiz. This general Tudor history quiz should wake you up and get those brain cells working! Good luck!

General Tudor History Quiz

Q1) Henry VIII was known to buy this on a weekly basis.

Linen sheets

A pair of comfortable velvet shoes

A pair of hose

A new brooch

Q2) Which two of Thomas More's children married one of More's wards? (Select two)





Q3) Shortly after Edward VI became King of England he suggested his sister Mary marry this person to "change her opinions."

Thomas Wyatt

Francis Bryan

Thomas Seymour

Robert Dudley

Q4) True or False: Henry VIII hated writing so much that he had a stamp made of his signature?



Q5) Which man said this about Thomas Seymour after his execution: he "died very dangerously, irksomely, horribly."?

Hugh Latimer

Ralph Sadler

William Parr

William Sharington

Q6) Elizabeth Barton "The Nun of Kent" was executed on 20 April 1534. Implicated in her downfall were Edward Bocking, John Dering, Richard Master, Harry Gold, Hugh Rich and Richard Risby. One of the men listed received a stay of execution and was pardoned - which man was it?

John Dering

Richard Master

Hugh Rich

Edward Bocking

Q7) On 17 March 1554 this woman was informed that she would be taken to the Tower of London as a prisoner of the queen for her involvement in Wyatt’s Rebellion.

Lady Jane Grey

Elizabeth Tudor, future Elizabeth I

Elizabeth Scrope

Kat Ashley

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Tudor History Quiz