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Tudor History Quiz

Get those little grey cells working with this fun Tudor history quiz - good luck!

Tudor History Quiz

Q1) True or False: In 1565, Henry Stuart, Lord Darnley contracted measles?



Q2) The marriage of Elizabeth Howard (nee Stafford) and Thomas Howard, 3rd Duke of Norfolk broke down after he took this woman as his mistress...

Elizabeth Woodville

Bess Throckmorton

Elizabeth Carew

Elizabeth Holland

Q3) On this holy day in 1529, Katherine of Aragon confronted Henry VIII about his treatment of her.

All Saints' Day

St Andrew's Day

All Souls' Day

St Edward's Day

Q4) Which lady was born on 28 November 1489?

Margaret Tudor

Elizabeth of York

Mary Tudor, Queen of France

Katherine of Aragon

Q5) In which year did Henry Fitzroy marry Mary Howard?





Q6) Thomas Tallis died in 1585, what is he best known for?

He was the youngest person to be knighted

He was a great jouster

He was one of England's greatest early composers

He was a great scholar and translator

Q7) Which of the following had daughters named, Jane, Catherine and Mary?

Margaret Wotton, Marchioness of Dorset

Elizabeth Grey, Countess of Kildare

Elizabeth Carew nee Bryan

Frances Brandon, Duchess of Suffolk

Q8) In which year was Elizabeth I crowned?





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Tudor History Quiz