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Here in Spain, we’ve been on lockdown since Monday due to the Coronavirus pandemic. Now, I could use this as inspiration to talk about epidemics, the plague, influenza and sweating sickness in history, but I’m not. I’ll give you links to my talks on those, but I want to stop thinking about the nasty stuff.

So, with so many people around the world in lockdown or self-isolating, I thought I’d give you some ideas for keeping occupied and getting your Tudor history fix.

Indoor and outdoor Tudor pursuits

Game instructions, more games and further reading

Virtual tours of museums, galleries and more:

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Illnesses in Tudor times:

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  1. R

    Cheers, Claire, we can still go out to the shops but the final blow hit today, the cafe and bars have to close. I am getting my last bits tomorrow, fresh fruit and salad and tinned fruit and some things for Steve who will be home this weekend some point.

    After that its walks at quiet times only. We have to go back to the hospital again anyway. I have chocolate cake. I have wine. I have food and loo paper. I have sorted medical stuff. The neighbours were sung to earlier. I have put my Christmas decorations up.

    1. M

      Take care, RTL! Best wishes to you

  2. M

    Thanks, Claire!!!

    I’m the same as RTL, we can go out, too, but only for essential. Food, pharmacy, which I will need Monday. My husband will be sequestered at his plant starting Monday for 28 days as they work on a contract. Life has changed a bit right now. My son is alone in Pittsburgh, about 300 miles away. His brother is home, they did close school, but the one alone was working this semester so he is still there. He’s self sufficient and has what he needs, but I wish he were here with us, especially now their dad will be away. But we ‘re really all good, no one is sick and we have what we need.
    Take care, be well, best wishes.
    Michelle t

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