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Tudor Diseases Video

In this week's Claire Chats video I look at some of the diseases and conditions which made people living in the Tudor era ill or even killed them.

In the video I mention my video on Sweating Sickness, so here it is for you to enjoy:

A book which covers sweating sickness, the Black Assizes, leprosy, Plague and various other medieval and Tudor diseases and their outbreaks is Charles Creighton's A History of Epidemics in Britain - see

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  1. C

    Can’t play any videos!
    Please help!

    1. A

      Hi Christine, I’ve sent you an email with some suggestions.

  2. B

    Both videos are wonderful!

  3. D

    Meoooow!! could hear those pussy cats, lol.
    I lived about 30mile from Sheffield Manor that you mentioned, it was the first historical place my hubby took me when we first met, aaah!! on a motorbike in winter!! was so much hardier in those days, 🙂 he was born a few miles from there so knew it well. There weren’t any tour guides as then, very basic information too. So I didn’t know about Wolsey’s ‘garder-throne’ Lol. Poor bloke awful disease.
    Loved that chat Claire…..cuppa tea?

  4. C

    I loved these two videos. Thanks, Clare and Tim.

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Tudor Diseases Video