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July 1553 – The month of three monarchs

July 1553 was a month of three Tudor monarchs - Edward VI, Queen Jane and Mary I - but how did this come about?

In this talk, historian and author Claire Ridgway looks at what led to the events of July 1553 and particularly the actions that Mary took to stage her successful coup d'etat.

See also her video "Queen Jane or Lady Jane Grey?".

But what happened to John Dudley, Duke of Northumberland, who had marched off to try and apprehend Mary?

Well, most of his troops deserted and he ended up surrendering at Cambridge and being arrested on 21st July. He and his sons were taken to the Tower of London and imprisoned there. He was found guilty of treason on 18th August 1553 and condemned to die. He was beheaded on Tower Hill on 22nd August 1553 and his remains buried in the Chapel of St Peter ad Vincula at the Tower. Northumberland's son, Guildford, husband of Lady Jane Grey, was executed on 12th February 1554, the same day as Jane, but Guildford's brothers escaped death.

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July 1553 – The month of three monarchs