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21 June 1553 – Lady Jane Grey is heir to the throne

On 21st June 1553, letters patent were issued stating that King Edward VI's heir was Lady Jane Grey, eldest daughter of the king's cousin, Frances Brandon, Duchess of Suffolk.

Edward VI was dying, having been ill for a few months, and in the original draft of his "Devise for the Succession" he stipulated that the Crown would descend through the male heirs of Frances, Duchess of Suffolk, if Edward died childless. The problem was that there were no male heirs yet, so when Edward made a turn for the worse he decided to change the document to read: "To the Lady Fraunceses heirs males, if she have any such issue before my death to the Lady Jane and her heirs males."


Last summer, I did a Claire Chats video talk about whether Lady Jane Grey should actually be known as Queen Jane - click here to view that now. You can also download our Edward VI and Lady Jane Grey ebooks on the Tudor Monarchs Ebook Series page.

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21 June 1553 – Lady Jane Grey is heir to the throne