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Henry VIII and Catherine of Aragon Quiz

I thought we'd celebrate Henry VIII and Catherine of Aragon's wedding anniversary, which was yesterday, by testing your knowledge of them and their marriage.

Get those little grey cells working with this fun quiz and do feel free to share your score.

Good luck!


#1. On which feast day did Henry VIII marry Catherine of Aragon?

#2. How old were Henry VIII and Catherine of Aragon at their marriage?

#3. Where was their private marriage ceremony held?

#4. True or false: Henry had been betrothed to Catherine previously but had renounced the betrothal in June 1505?

#5. In which year had Catherine been widowed?

#6. Who said of Catherine on her arrival in England: "Ah, but the lady! Take my word for it, she thrilled the hearts of everyone: she possesses all those qualities that make for beauty in a very charming girl. Everywhere she receives the highest of praises; but even that is inadequate."?

#7. On 31 January 1510, Catherine gave birth prematurely to a stillborn...

#8. The couple's only son died in 1511, when he was just 52 days old. What was his name?

#9. We have evidence of Catherine being pregnant this many times...

#10. In which year was the couple's only surviving daughter, Mary, born?

#11. Henry VIII left Catherine as regent in this year while he went campaigning in France.

#12. Which English victory over the Scots took place while Catherine was regent?

#13. In which year was Henry VIII's marriage to Catherine of Aragon finally annulled?

#14. Catherine of Aragon gave an impassioned speech on her knees in front of the king at the Legatine Court here in 1529.

#15. After she died in January 1536, where did Henry VIII have Catherine buried as Dowager Princess of Wales?


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  1. G

    53%! I’m just not paying enough attention!

    1. C - Post Author

      Not bad!

  2. S

    There’s me thinking I knew them all!

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Henry VIII and Catherine of Aragon Quiz