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General Tudor Quiz

This Sunday's Tudor fun is a quiz that tests your general Tudor knowledge.

Just how much do you know about the Tudor kings and queens and their reigns?

Find out!


#1. For how many years did the Tudors rule?

#2. In whose reign did the Battle of Gravelines between Spain and England take place?

#3. True or False: The Rough Wooing was a war between England and Scotland regarding Scotland reneging on a marriage agreement between Edward VI and Mary, Queen of Scots?

#4. Which battle is considered the final battle of the Wars of the Roses?

#5. Who was the wife of King James IV of Scotland?

#6. Which monarch was on the throne when the East India Company received its royal charter?

#7. Who was the mother of Queen Jane (Lady Jane Grey)?

#8. In which year was Henry VIII's marriage to Catherine of Aragon finally annulled?

#9. Which of these men was burnt at the stake during Mary I's reign?

Select all that apply:

#10. True or false: Thomas Cromwell was executed on the same day Henry VIII married Catherine Howard?

#11. Which of these properties formerly belonged to Cardinal Thomas Wolsey before Henry VIII took ownership?

Select all that apply:

#12. In which year did Henry VIII receive the title of Defender of the Faith


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  1. K /

    Really enjoyed this, some knotty questions

  2. B /

    Good quiz’s hard questions

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General Tudor Quiz