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General Tudor Quiz

This Sunday's Tudor fun is a quiz that tests your general Tudor knowledge.

Just how much do you know about the Tudor kings and queens and their reigns?

Find out!


#1. For how many years did the Tudors rule?

#2. In whose reign did the Battle of Gravelines between Spain and England take place?

#3. True or False: The Rough Wooing was a war between England and Scotland regarding Scotland reneging on a marriage agreement between Edward VI and Mary, Queen of Scots?

#4. Which battle is considered the final battle of the Wars of the Roses?

#5. Who was the wife of King James IV of Scotland?

#6. Which monarch was on the throne when the East India Company received its royal charter?

#7. Who was the mother of Queen Jane (Lady Jane Grey)?

#8. In which year was Henry VIII's marriage to Catherine of Aragon finally annulled?

#9. Which of these men was burnt at the stake during Mary I's reign?

Select all that apply:

#10. True or false: Thomas Cromwell was executed on the same day Henry VIII married Catherine Howard?

#11. Which of these properties formerly belonged to Cardinal Thomas Wolsey before Henry VIII took ownership?

Select all that apply:

#12. In which year did Henry VIII receive the title of Defender of the Faith


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  1. K

    Really enjoyed this, some knotty questions

  2. B

    Good quiz’s hard questions

  3. e

    really terrible quiz only got 3/12 eve wyatt is a terrible historian!

    1. C - Post Author

      Well do browse the site, it’ll definitely help your Tudor history knowledge.

  4. C - Post Author

    Oh well! Time to read even more about the Tudors.

    1. j

      I got 4 SHIT!

  5. M

    Good quiz, shame not to get given the correct answer on those we got wrong.

  6. Z

    im an a level history student and got 7/12 lol

  7. K

    Why don’t they actually tell you what the correct answers after the questions you’ve got wrong? It’s very silly quiz. My wife got seven out of 12. And she’s only been studying the Tudors for a week.

  8. J

    3/12 Tudor quiz can do betterment.

  9. R

    I always thought Bosworth was the battle that put Henry Tudor on the throne after beating Richard the 3rd.

  10. d

    I agree, please post the correct answers when we get one wrong

  11. M

    Six correct? Six? After reading Tudor history for the last 50 years! OK I’ll blame it on my aged memory!

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