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October 2014 Magazine

oct_2014_1Enjoy this Halloween special edition of the Tudor Life magazine.

It includes the following:

  • The ages of Henry VIII's wives - Conor Byrne
  • Gareth on History - Anna of Denmark
  • Character of the Month - Edward VI
  • The Tudor Roses @ Layer Marney Tower
  • Busy Boleyn Ghosts - Claire Ridgway
  • Ghosts! - Kyra Kramer
  • All Hallows Eve Traditions
  • Historic Ghosts - Claire Ridgway
  • Andy's Antics - Photos of Charlecote Park
  • The enrichment of research - Wendy J. Dunn
  • The origin of the Tudor miniature - Melanie V. Taylor
  • The King's Daughter - Charlie Fenton
  • Richard Rich - Karen Bowman
  • ... and much more

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  1. D

    To everyone who contributed, what a great read!!
    Some of the new books to be released look very interesting too.
    Anne is an extremely busy ghost isn’t she…no rest for the wicked, lol.

  2. D

    going back to the origins of Halloween you mentioned Claire, there is a Samhain Fire Festival in Edinburgh on the 31st.

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October 2014 Magazine