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Henry VIII’s Six Wives Quiz

An extra quiz this week!

Henry VIII's Six Wives

Q1) Who were Catherine of Aragon's parents?

Isabella I of Castile and Ferdinand II of Aragon

Isabella II of Castile and Ferdinand I of Aragon

Juana la Loca (Joanna of Castile) and Felipe el Hermoso (Philip the Handsome)

John II of Castile and Isabella of Portugal

Q2) In what year did Henry VIII marry his first wife Catherine of Aragon?





Q3) In what year did Henry VIII apply to the Pope for a dispensation to marry "one with whom he had already contracted affinity in the first degree through illicit intercourse", so that he could marry Anne Boleyn?





Q4) Anne Boleyn sent Henry VIII a gift in summer 1527 as a way of saying "yes" to his proposal - what was it?

A pistol whistle pendant with toothpicks inside

A ship with a woman on board with a diamond pendant

A locket

A miniature of herself

Q5) Jane Seymour's motto was...

The Most Happy

Bound to Obey and Serve

Humble and Loyal

No Other Will than His

Q6) The Seymour family home was...

Wolf Hall

Hever Castle

Kimbolton Castle

Penshurst House

Q7) Anne of Cleves was born near near Düsseldorf in which year?





Q8) What did Anne of Cleves become known as after her marriage to Henry VIII was annulled in 1540?

The Princess Dowager

The King's sister

Lady Anne of Cleves

The King's beloved cousin

Q9) Catherine Howard was part of the Dowager Duchess of Norfolk's household which resided in which two places?

Framlingham and Baynard's Castle

Penshurst and Thornbury

Lambeth and Horsham

Castle Howard and Framlingham

Q10) In winter 1540 Richard Jones dedicated his treatise to Queen Catherine Howard - what was its title?

The Obedience of a Christian Man

A Bride-Bush, or A Wedding Sermon

Delightes for Ladies to Adorn their Persons, Tables, Closets, and Distillatories

The Byrth of Mankynde

Q11) How many times was Catherine Parr married?





Q12) Thomas Seymour and Catherine Parr had a baby girl in 1548 - what was her name?





Q13) Henry VIII died in 1547. how many of his wives outlived him?





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  1. M

    I gotta work on some of these

    1. C - Post Author

      I hope you enjoyed it though.

  2. A

    100%! Sweet! This was fun!

  3. D

    11/13. I recovered after taking a bashing on the poetry quiz!!

  4. K

    Claire—you are humbling me with these dates! I’m going to have up my game!

  5. M

    I thought I was smarter than this.. oh dear, time for some strong tea and a valium.

  6. B

    Fun quiz! A couple of those dates tripped me up once again! 🙂

  7. A

    I love these quizzes! Only….all the dates…pfew, not my cup of tea, haha!

  8. L

    Darn. I’m pretty rusty on my dates! Still was fun though!

  9. B

    Better than expected – but no Tudor Egghead! The other ‘Anne’ got me!

  10. S

    This quiz was very tricky but tons of fun!

  11. e

    I did not do too,bad but I have a hard time remembering dates!!!!

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Henry VIII’s Six Wives Quiz