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Where does the name Tudor come from?

Thank you to my daughter Verity for inspiring today's Claire Chats video on the origin of the name of our favourite royal house. Just where did the name "Tudor" come from?

Henry VII (1457-1509) was the son of Edmund Tudor, Earl of Richmond
Edmund Tudor (1430-1456) was the son of Owen Tudor
Owen Tudor (d. 1461) was the son of Maredudd ap Tudur
Maredudd ap Tudur (d. c. 1406) was the son of Tudur ap Goronwy
Tudur ap Goronwy (d. c. 1367) was the son of Goronwy ap Tudur Hen
Gorony ap Tudur Hen (d. 1331) was the son of Tudur Hen (Tudur ap Goronwy)
Tudur Hen (d. 1311) was the son of Goronwy ap Ednyfed
Goronwy ap Ednyfed (d. 1268) was the son of Ednyfed Fychan
Ednyfed Fychan (d. 1246) was a descendant of Marchudd ap Cynan, the ninth century Lord of Brynnffenigl who Charles Henry Browning (Americans of Royal Descent) describes as "founder of the Eight Noble Tribes of North Wales and Powis".

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  1. L

    Excellent chat. I’ve researched this line, genealogy nut that I am, but I have to say you’re Welsh pronunciation is far better than mine!

  2. S

    Very enjoyable chat….especially enjoy learning about the pronunciations..T-“CHEW”-dor….and as always most informative….always learn something new…or re-new and either add more information on or re-clarify…..

    Most noteworthy, enjoy your use of references and quite common sense in presenting your information…..

    Your hair looks great 🙂 ! AND love the homey background…the flute (?) and the doggie in the background….JUST like a nice CHAT in ones home…..

    Really enjoy the site….the magazine, the quizzes (how this person knows !!)…..the chats….compliments to all working to put words of history both in print, voice and net.

    Cheers…CHew-dor on!!

    1. C - Post Author

      Thank you, Shelley! I found it interesting that the name came from a first name originally and now I want to know more about Welsh history!

      Ha! As soon as we start recording, the animals decide to start scratching, having a bath, barking… And sometimes a dog or a cat decides that they want to actually get on film!

      I’m so glad you enjoy your membership and thank you for your words of encouragement and support.

  3. K

    Wonderful chat Claire- I often wondered about this too.. I think I’m going to go back and listen to your wonderful chat about Henry VII — debunking the “usurper” name calling.

    Love your hair too!


    1. C - Post Author

      Thank you! I hope you enjoy that talk too.

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Where does the name Tudor come from?