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King Francis I of France

The subject of today's Claire Chats video talk is King Francis I of France, "le Roi-Chevalier" (the Knight King) and "Père des Lettres" (Father of Letters), Henry VIII's contemporary. Who was he and what was he like?

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  1. R

    But Henry Viii had better legs lol! Complexion like watery milk! Oh dear. Ha. Well at least he was a learned and Renaissance man and enjoyed pursuits. When Francis tripped Henry Viii up during the wrestling, today he would obviously be the type of footballer who gets penalties with his trailing leg. I would not like to meet a mad boar either, they can kill. In fact an ancient traditional role of a King was to go out to hunt boars that were causing mayhem in forests and villages to protect their people. Charlemagne is linked to many stories about wild boars.

    Francis was a true Renaissance Prince and he was an active soldier, which is why he was injured and later captured on the battlefield. I know he was a very naughty lover of many mistresses, but he was also loving towards his wife, Claude and personally I love Francis as he was colourful and flamboyant but also a great patron of the many arts.

    The English series Merlin was shot party at Amboise and
    Blois partly in the countryside and forests of France. Of course Anne and Mary Boleyn were at his Court.

  2. L

    “Aren’t my calves bigger than Francis’?”

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King Francis I of France