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Tudor Women’s Clothes Quiz

This fun quiz should be nice and easy if you watched my Claire Chats video on Tudor Costume (see Tudor costume video – What women wore at Henry VIII’s court

Tudor women's clothes

Q1) What was the minimum number of layers worn by a Tudor noblewoman?





Q2) What was the traditional colour for a Tudor woman's petticoat?





Q3) What was buckram?

Linen that was stiffened with glue or paste

A fine fabric used to cover the chest and shoulders

A type of velvet

Fake ermine made with rabbit fur

Q4) What was a farthingale?

A chemise worn at night

A cape

A type of ruff

A hooped petticoat

Q5) What animal was ermine from?





Q6) What was the main difference between the English frock and the French gown?

The French gown had a tightly fitted bodice and the English frock was loose-fitting.

The English frock had a tightly fitted bodice and the French gown was loose-fitting.

The English frock had a natural waistline rather than a "v".

The English frock had a stomacher.

Q7) What was a partlet?

A false sleeve

A type of bonnet

A triangular piece of fabric which showed beneath the opening of the overskirt

A collar or piece of fabric used to cover the neck and chest

Q8) A coif was ....

A close-fitting linen cap

A bum-roll used to give shape to gowns

A tight fitting jacket worn over a gown

A turned-back sleeve

Q9) Shoes worn by courtiers in Henry VIII's reign were..


Pointed at the toes

Square toed

Like ankle boots

Q10) What was an ooch or ouch?

A bracelet

A brooch or clasp

A lace used for lacing up kirtles

A bead

Q11) The French Hood was brought to the English court by Anne Boleyn?



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  1. M

    Woot!!! 9 out of a possible 11 – Claire’s video is terrific; can’t wait to see/hear the upcoming video about Tudor men’s costume!!

  2. s

    Enjoyed the quiz boy does it test your brain.

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Tudor Women’s Clothes Quiz