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Tudor Ships and Navy Quiz

How do you know about the ships of the Tudor navy? Test your knowledge right now!

Tudor Ships and Navy

Q1) What was the nickname of Henry VIII's ship "Henry Grace à Dieu" which was launched in 1514?

The Henry VIII

The Great Harry

The Bluff King Hal

The Good Henry

Q2) What was the name of the sister ship of The Mary Rose?

The Peter Pomegranate

The Mary Boleyn

The Sovereign

The Regent

Q3) In which year was the wreck of The Mary Rose raised?





Q4) What is the name of the survey of the navy which Henry VIII commissioned in the 1540s?

The Anthony Roll

The Lansdowne Roll

The Harley Roll

The Naval Roll

Q5) Which ship was Sir Francis Drake's flagship in the 1588 Battle of Gravelines?

The Elizabeth Bonaventure

The Nonpareil

The Dreadnought

The Revenge

Q6) Which poet wrote a poem about the sinking of The Revenge entitled "The Revenge: A Ballad of the Fleet"?

William Shakespeare

Alfred, Lord Tennyson

Edmund Spenser

Ben Jonson

Q7) Approximately how many artefacts were recovered from the wreck site of The Mary Rose?





Q8) Which Tudor monarch commissioned the oldest surviving dry dock, which is still in use today at Portsmouth and which holds HMS Victory?

Henry VIII

Henry VII

Edward VI

Mary I

Q9) The first warship built in the dry dock at Portsmouth was...

The Sweepstake

The Greyhound

The Peter Pomegranate

The Mary Rose

Q10) In which year did The Mary Rose sink?





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  1. J

    Tough quiz! I will have to pay more attention to Tudor naval matters! As always though, the quiz was educational.

  2. M

    I’m lucky I got the two I did. It was all guesswork!

  3. B

    I only got 2 correct! I suppose I’m a landlubber! Learned a lot from the quiz though!

  4. D

    I can’t believe how badly I did on that! A shameful performance after growing up in a Navy town…

  5. S

    I have discovered that I know very little about Tudor ships. Yikes!

    1. C - Post Author

      Believe me, I didn’t know much before I read up on it either!

  6. D

    I got ‘Poor-oh dear you can do better than this’…oh no I can’t, had 2 shots at it, lol 🙂

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Tudor Ships and Navy Quiz