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Tudor costume video – What women wore at Henry VIII’s court

In this week's Claire Chats, I look at what women at Henry VIII's court wore and what layers their outfits were made up of. I do hope you enjoy the talk and slides.

Here's the link I mention to the project to replicate a costume worn by Catherine of Aragon - http://www.reconstructinghistory.com/blog/early-tudor-project-katherine-of-aragons-portrait-dated-1502-part-vi.html

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  1. L /

    Really enjoyed the chat , I’ll have to look more into Tudor clothes

    1. < / Post Author

      Thank you! The Tudor Tailor is a brilliant book.

  2. M /

    Wow, Claire, I get ridiculously happy when I watch your chats. It’s like seeing my dear friend talking about topics I could discuss for days. You have a lovely presence on camera. Thank you!!

    1. < / Post Author

      That’s so sweet of you to say, Mary, thank you. Do let me know if you have any thing you’d like me to talk about in the future.

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Tudor costume video – What women wore at Henry VIII’s court