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Tudor Pets in celebration of St Anthony’s Day

Happy St Anthony's Day! Today is the Feast of St Anthony the Abbot, or St Anthony the Great, a third century Christian monk.

In Spain, where I live, St Anthony (San Antonio) is the patron saint of animals, particularly domestic animals, and so some of my Spanish friends have been sharing photos of their beloved pets on social media today and I've had various emails from online pet shops with special St Anthony's Day offers. I thought I'd jump on the band wagon and celebrate this saint by sharing some resources on pets in Tudor times...

Here is a Claire Chats talk I did on Tudor pets:

You can see a gallery of portraits depicting Tudor people and animals with the original post I did with this video here.

You can do a quiz on Tudor pets here.

Here's my video on Anne Boleyn's pets:

And here's my Claire Chats on dog breeds in Tudor times (you can click here to see the original post with sources)

And here's a Teasel's Tudor Trivia video on cats:

And a video on cats, pigeons and lions!

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Tudor Pets in celebration of St Anthony’s Day