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Tudor Pets Quiz

Tudor people were just like us, they loved their animals, but how much do you know about the pets of the Tudors? Test your knowledge with this fun quiz.

Tudor Pets

Q1) Which Tudor statesman was known for having his pet cat at his side, on a cushioned chair, while he worked?

Thomas More

Thomas Cromwell

Thomas Audley

Thomas Wolsey

Q2) Who owned the troublesome dogs Cut and Ball who were known for getting lost?

Henry VIII

Anne Boleyn

Edward VI

Elizabeth I

Q3) Which Tudor family were said to have raised a lion cub as a pet?

The Boleyns

The Wyatts

The Seymours

The Staffords

Q4) What type of animal was "Hatch", whose remains were found in the wreck of Henry VIII's flagship, The Mary Rose?

A cat

A monkey

A dog

A parrot

Q5) Which breed of dog was the one said to have been shot dead by Thomas Seymour when he broke into his nephew Edward VI's apartments in 1549?





Q6) One of Henry VIII's favourite animals was "Governatore" - what was he?

A dog

A horse

A ferret

A nightingale

Q7) On 25th September 1530 Anne Boleyn had to pay out "x s." (10 shillings) for something her and Urian Brereton's greyhounds had done - what had they been up to?

They had killed a sheep

They'd trampled a farmer's crop

They had killed a cow

They had mauled a royal stag

Q8) Catherine Brandon, Duchess of Suffolk, had a pet dog that she enjoyed calling to heel in public. What was he called?





Q9) A sky terrier or spaniel was found hiding under the skirt of whose dead body after s/he was beheaded?

Catherine Howard

Mary, Queen of Scots

Anne Boleyn

Margaret Pole

Q10) How did Anne Boleyn's little dog Purkoy die?

He died after a fall

He was poisoned

He was shot

He drowned

You can find out more about Tudor pets in my talk from last year - click here.

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Tudor Pets Quiz