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September 2017 Live Chats – 22 and 30 September

This month's live chats will be taking place in the Tudor Society chatroom on Friday 22nd September and Saturday 30th September.

Informal Live Chat - 22 September

September's informal live chat discussion is on Catherine of Aragon and the annulment of her marriage to Henry VIII. Questions, theories, viewpoints, book recommendations etc. on anything to do with this topic are welcome. Was Catherine right to fight for her marriage? Should she have taken the veil? What about Henry VIII - did he have a valid point? etc. etc. Let's enjoy discussing this topic.

With our informal chats, we don't have an expert to 'grill', we just all bundle into the chatroom and have fun debating the topic for an hour. I (Claire) am usually the moderator, and will be for this one, and I'll just be there to check that it runs smoothly, and to join the debate too.

Here are the times in different time zones:

Expert Live Chat - 30 September

This month's expert speaker, historian and author Elizabeth Norton, is joining us in the chatroom on Saturday 30th September to answer your questions on her talk "The Live of Tudor Women". If you missed her talk then you can click here to view the video now. It's a wonderful talk.

Our expert live chat sessions last for an hour and they are your chance to ask our experts questions about their talk, their research and/or their books.

Here are the times in different time zones:

You can find the chatroom at It's really easy to join in, you just go to the chatroom at the scheduled time and type your question or comment into the text box and click on "send", or feel free to lurk! They're always good fun.

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