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Rare Disease Day

Today is Rare Disease Day. On this day awareness is raised about rare diseases and the impact they have on patients' lives. It takes place on the last day of February. This is because the first edition was celebrated on the 29th of February, a 'rare' date that happens only once every four years. Ever since then, Rare Disease Day has taken place on the last day of February, a month known for having a ‘rare’ number of days. On the website of Rare Disease Day you can find more information. 

Diseases in Tudor times

On this website you can find multiple videos about diseases such as sweating sickness. Here are some you can watch if you are interested:

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In this video you can learn more about other diseases and conditions which made people living in the Tudor era ill or even killed them. You can also enjoy our Tudor Diseases Quiz. The video and quiz are for members only, so if you're not a member yet, you can try our 14 day free trial.

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Rare Disease Day