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Tudor Diseases Quiz

As it's Rare Diseases Day today, I thought it was only right to test your knowledge of diseases which affected people in the Tudor period, although they weren't rare!

I hope you enjoy this quiz!


#1. This was known as the Bloody Flux.

#2. Which port town did the Bloody Flux hit badly in 1545?

#3. Which of these men died of the bloody flux?

#4. Sir John Cheke, former secretary of state to Lady Jane Grey, died during an epidemic of this in 1557.

#5. This disease is also known today as Hansen's Disease.

#6. Mercury was a common treatment in Tudor times for this.

#7. Jane Seymour and Catherine Parr are thought to have died of this.

#8. This disease is thought to have caused the deaths of Emperor Charles V, Roger Ascham and Francis, Duke of Anjou and Alençon.

#9. What disease was also known as gaol fever when it broke out in prisons and courts?

#10. What disease was known as the ague?


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  1. C

    Think I need to study Tudor diseases, I only got a pitiful 6/10.

  2. M

    Holy cow! I got 9/10. Don’t know how. The one I got wrong was the Charles V and the Duke of Anjou/Spending, among a couple others. I thought the Duke of Annoy/Alencon died after some battle somewhere (but the Elizabethan period is by far my weakest area of Tudor history. Cool quiz, thanks. Michelle t

    1. M

      Oh, jeez, I really need to turn off autocorrect somehow…

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Tudor Diseases Quiz