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#OTD in Tudor history – 21 June

On this day in Tudor history, 21st June, Henry VIII travelled from Greenwich to the Tower of London; Catherine of Aragon gave an impassioned speech at the Legatine Court; letters patent were issued stating that Edward VI's heir was Lady Jane Grey...

  • 1494 – Birth of George Cavendish, Cardinal Wolsey's Gentleman Usher. Cavendish wrote a biography of Wolsey, “The Life and Death of Cardinal Wolsey”, and a collection of tragic poems, “Metrical Visions”. His poetry and biography are widely used by Tudor historians as primary sources.
  • 1509 - King Henry VIII travelled from Greenwich to the Tower of London. See video below.
  • 1529 – Death of John Skelton, poet, clergyman and former tutor to Henry VIII when he was prince, at Westminster. He was buried in St Margaret's, Westminster. His works included “Garlande of Laurell” and “The Boke of Phyllyp Sparowe”.
  • 1529 - Queen Catherine of Aragon, first wife of King Henry VIII, stole the show with an incredible speech at the Legatine Court at Blackfriars, a court that was hearing the case for the annulment of her marriage to the king. See video below.
  • 1553 – Letters patent issued changing Edward VI's heir from his half-sister, Mary, to Lady Jane Grey. Click here to read more or see video below.

  • 1596 – Death of Sir John Wingfield, soldier. He was shot in the head after being wounded in the thigh, and being unable to walk, in the attack on Cadiz. He was buried in the Cathedral at Cadiz.
  • 1612 – Death of James Elphinstone, 1st Lord Balmerino, administrator and Judge, at Balmerino. Elphinstone was James VI's secretary of state, but was attainted as a traitor and sentenced to death in 1609 after he tricked the King into signing a letter to the Pope. He escaped death, but was imprisoned until 1609.

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#OTD in Tudor history – 21 June