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June 2016 Tudor Life Magazine

Cover June 2016 Tudor LifeIn This month's Tudor Life magazine we have an amazing selection of fiction book excerpts, and also some exclusive short stories written by Beth von Staats and Kyra Kramer. There are all our usual features too, such as a great crossword, our Tudor Kitchen article from Olga Hughes, and Claire Ridgway's Feast Days article.
On top of all that, we finish our two 4-part series with the last part of Tara Ball's insider's guide to the Tower of London and Derek Wilson's last part on the Dudleys.

Packed with 94 pages, it's a feast of Tudor delights!


  • Just beyond living memory - Gareth Russell
  • Falling Pomegranate Seeds - Wendy J. Dunn
  • The Queen's Revenge - Olivia Longueville
  • Lady Rochford - Adrienne Dillard
  • Phoenix Rising - Hunter S. Jones
  • Obituary: Simon Anderson
  • The Devil's Chalice - D.K.Wilson
  • Truth Ensures - Sandra Vasoli
  • The Truth of the Line - Melanie V. Taylor
  • The Colour of Poison - Toni Mount
  • By all the operations of the orbs - Kyra Kramer
  • To make or mar - Beth von Staats
  • My London - Clare Cherry
  • Crossword
  • An insider's guide to the Tower of London: Part 4 - Tara Ball
  • The Dudleys: Part 4 - Derek Wilson
  • Facts vs Fiction in the Tudor kitchen - Olga Hughes
  • Thomas Whyhorne: the first English autobiographer - Jane Moulder
  • The Tudor Rose - book review by Charlie Fenton

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  1. L

    Lots of good reading in your great magazine , can’t wait to read it all . I’ve an idea, ( I know a dangerous pastime) but here goes. What’s your oppinion of choosing a book and serialising it in your monthly magazine ? Your magazine I find is brilliant but your magazine teases us with some lovely books which I couldn’t get round to reading them all.

    1. C

      Hi Lynne,
      It’s a great idea but I can’t think of a way of doing it with the fact that we have new members joining and also with compensating an author for the use of their book. I think we could do a short story section so there is fiction and it starts and ends in one magazine. I’m not sure.

      Thanks for the feedback, Lynne.

      Best Wishes,


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June 2016 Tudor Life Magazine