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Live Chat with Jane Moulder FRIDAY 20th NOVEMBER

Meet Jane Moulder in the chatroom

Jane MoulderHello all!

Just a quick note that musician and Renaissance music expert Jane Moulder, who is a member of the group Piva, will be in the chatroom tomorrow night (FRIDAY 20th NOVEMBER) to chat about Tudor music with our members. The talk will be at 11pm-12pm UK time. Here is the countdown timer for this event:

As many of you will know, Jane is our regular Tudor music expert and her knowledge is extensive. Her talk about professional musicians is available to all members.

We will also be giving away ...

Heigh Ho Holiday

For one lucky person on the chat, we're giving away a copy of the wonderful "Heigh Ho Holiday" album, recorded by Piva. This is a wonderfully fun album packed with Renaissance music, performed and recorded to a very high standard.

This event is ONLY open to members

Our live chat events happen in the chatroom on our website, and they are only available to current members of the Tudor Society (join here). The lively discussions are online and available to members worldwide, simply come into the chat room at the correct time and meet like-minded people! We always learn something fascinating about history.

See you there!

p.s. don't forget the talk is at 11pm UK time, Friday 20th November
p.p.s. one lucky person will win a copy of Heigh Ho Holiday!

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  1. L

    I must remember not to go to bed at 10pm and stay up for chat. I have one or two questions I would like to ask

  2. S

    I am sorry that I will miss this chat. I had already made other plans. Life gets in the way sometimes.

    1. C

      It does indeed! Sorry you can’t be there but Tim will publish a transcript. Let us know if you want a question asking.

  3. M

    Interesting chat Never participated before and didn’t know how Info somewhere?

    1. C

      Hi Michele,
      If you go to the chatroom there’s a blank box at the bottom under the dialogue screen. All you do is type in the box and hit enter/return and then your question/comment shows up. I do hope you can join us for the next one.

  4. A

    Sorry I missed this. I’ll look forward to the transcript. Getting ready for a long drive to Mississippi on Sunday for a week with family.

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Live Chat with Jane Moulder FRIDAY 20th NOVEMBER