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Expert Talk: Jane Moulder on Professional Tudor Musicians

Here's this month's expert talk, a wonderful walk into the lives and skills of Tudor musicians. Jane is our resident Tudor music expert and her knowledge is amazingly deep fascinating.

Enjoy her video - the livechat is scheduled for 11pm (UK time) on Friday 20th November.

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  1. L

    What a fabulous talk. I’ve always had a small interest in music in Tudor times especially when I’ve seen black musicians and musical instruments which are very similar to the ones musicians use today. Apart from Greensleeves I don’t think I can name any other music. Guess I’ll have to have a browse on utube. Jane has given something to get my teeth into

  2. S

    Thank you for a wonderful hour. I am so better informed of music in Tudor times as a result of a very informative hour from Jane, and to be able to see and hear this live in Australia. Thank you again.

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Expert Talk: Jane Moulder on Professional Tudor Musicians