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Jean wins a copy of Leanda de Lisle’s book!

We've been running a photo competition for our full members to win a signed copy of Leanda de Lisle's book "Tudor: The Family Story", and we're proud to announce that Jean is the winner, with her wonderful Tudor dress and Tudor Society Pin Badge!

We asked our members to send in a photo of them wearing their membership pin-badge, and we're thrilled with the pictures that came in from all around the world. Thank you to all of our members for wearing your badge with pride.

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  1. J

    Thank you 😌

  2. T

    Congratulations!!!!! Your attire is wonderful looking. Enjoy the book

    1. J

      Thank you! I’ve been an “Anne fan” for years 😄

  3. F

    Congratulations Jean! A wonderful Boleyn!

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Jean wins a copy of Leanda de Lisle’s book!