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A fantastic view of an Elizabethan House – and some art news!

Our lovely friend, Aidan Meller (who many will know as the anchorman at MadeGlobal's September author event, or from articles in the early days of the Tudor Society) has shared a wonderful video with us about his business in Oxford. But why is this interesting for Tudor fans, you may say ... well ... in the video there are some fantastic shots of Aidan's house, which Claire and I (Tim) stayed in a while back. It is a virtually untouched Elizabethan house, and it is simply stunning. We're hoping to persuade Aidan to let us put our photos into a future edition of Tudor Life, but for now you'll have to content yourself with this video.

Things to look out for in the video are the original Tudor plasterwork ceiling and wall decorations, the real leaded windows and the panoramic shot of the side of the house from the gardens (oh... the gardens!). Yes. We do have "Tudor house envy"!

If you're interested in investing in art, we really can recommend Aidan and his business (, and he's inviting a select few art investors to come and study in his home, so if you're that way inclined ... do get in touch with Aidan's team at [email protected].

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A fantastic view of an Elizabethan House – and some art news!