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December 2016 Tudor Life Magazine

Tudor Life magazine DecemberHappy Christmas to all our members! This is the feature packed December edition of the magazine with a huge 20 page Tudor portraits section and lots and lots of other amazing articles. We even had a children's artist draw a fun little "dress Elizabeth I" activity for you to print out and share with your family over the holiday season. It's an 80-page magazine full of Christmas cheer and Tudor facts.


  • Women’s History: An underground movement by Amy Licence
  • December’s Guest Speaker is Gareth Russell on Henry VIII’s Wars
  • Reflections of Mary Boleyn by Linda M. Saether
  • A Deadly Rivalry: James V, Henry VIII and the coming of war by Gareth Russell
  • The Use of Portraits in Tudor Art MASSIVE 20 PAGE ART FEATURE by Melanie V. Taylor
  • The male Relatives of Henry VIII’s English-born wives by Conor Byrne
  • London Charterhouse Tudor Places Feature
  • Queen Elizabeth I FESTIVE FUN
  • Charivari rituals in Tudor England by Lauren Browne
  • Ludlow Palmers’ historic restoration work by Rory Chase
  • Manners maketh man by Jane Moulder
  • Delicious Tudor Mince Pies by Claire Ridgway
  • Members’ Bulletin by Tim Ridgway
  • The Devil’s Chalice Book review by Charlie Fenton
  • December’s on this day by Claire Ridgway

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December 2016 Tudor Life Magazine