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Coronations, monarchs and consorts – Clearing up some misunderstandings

In today's Claire Chats video, I clear up a few misunderstanding that seem prevalent on social media regarding coronations, the numbering of monarchs, queens regnant versus queens consort, what makes a monarch and a few other issues to do with coronations and monarchy.

The article I mention in my talk can be found at

If you'd like to read more about Tudor coronations, then here are some links:

And here's a video of the coronation the late Queen Elizabeth II in 1953:

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  1. L

    What a brilliant chat Claire . Although I wasn’t a fan of Princess Diana and in a strange way I like Camilla but the snob in me doesn’t
    want Camilla as a queen but as a consort, Am I wrong? It would be interesting to know what other members think.

    1. C - Post Author

      Thank you! Why don’t you want Camilla to have the title of queen consort? I’m just interested in your reasons. Charles should never have married Diana, and it was obviously a rocky relationship with fault on both sides, but I think that Camilla seems like a wonderful lady and she certainly works hard in her role as Duchess of Cornwall and wife of the heir. I think the public would accept her being queen now.

  2. L

    Hi, sorry for late reply Claire, the reason I don’t think the Camilla should become Queen as she is Charles second wife and allegedly the third person in the marriage of Charles and Diana . Camilla becoming a Consort I think is more respectful to the memory of Diana. Camilla does come across as a nice lady with a good sense of humour and if she did become Queen it wouldn’t bother me, although she still might have to win over more of the British public. Just my opinion, Lynne 🙂

    1. C - Post Author

      What do you mean though by consort?
      It’ll be interesting to see what does happen when the time comes.

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Coronations, monarchs and consorts – Clearing up some misunderstandings