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August 2015 Tudor Life Magazine

August 2015 Tudor Life Cover

August 2015 Tudor Life Cover

Here's the latest magazine with all our regular items and contributors plus lots of fascinating articles. This month we have a "Coronation Special" section with articles from a number of eminent historians....

This issue includes articles from:

  • Henry VII's coronation - Leanda de Lisle
  • Reformation Women - Derek Wilson
  • The distractions of Marie de Medici - Dominic Pierce
  • The king's trumpets - Jane Moulder
  • August feast days - Claire Ridgway
  • Charlecote Mill - Suzanne Crossley
  • Ill Omens and coronations - Toni Mount
  • Cecily Neville - book review by Charlie Fenton
  • Elizabeth I's coronation portrait - Melanie V. Taylor
  • King Edward VI: England's Josiah - Beth von Staats
  • The strange sad fate of George, Duke of Clarence - Olga Hughes

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    After reading Beth von Staats article on King Edward VI and his “My divise of the succession,” I am profoundly impressed by the young King’s grasp of the succession
    issue. I never knew that he went to such great lengths for the Protestant cause. Somehow, I always felt his decision on the succession was done at his death bed, as a last minute attempt or perhaps coerced by the Duke of Northumberland. To read that he wrote this before he knew he was dying, solidifies even further, in my mind, that Mary was the usurper of Jane’s throne.

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August 2015 Tudor Life Magazine