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Battle of Bosworth Quiz

Today is the anniversary of the Battle of Bosworth. The battle took place on 22nd August 1485 and was between the forces of King Richard III and Henry Tudor. Henry's forces defeated those of Richard, and Henry became King Henry VII.

Test your knowledge of the battle with this fun quiz and scroll down for more resources on the battle.


#1. What is the full title of the battle?

#2. In which county did the battle take place?

#3. Which army held the higher ground at the beginning of the battle?

#4. Who was the commander of Richard's vanguard?

#5. Which earl was the commander of Henry's main force?

#6. This man was slain early on in the battle, fighting on Richard's side.

#7. Sir William Brandon was killed in Richard's initial charge against Henry's troops, but what was he doing at the time?

#8. Richard's standard bearer, Sir Percival Thirlwall, was said to have held Richard's banner aloft even though.....

#9. Some sources say that this man killed Richard III.

#10. According to legend, Henry Tudor was crowned on the battlefield with Richard's crown which had been found in this...



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Battle of Bosworth Quiz