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Expert talk – Henry VII by Nathen Amin

Thank you to this month's Tudor history expert, Nathen Amin, for this talk on Henry VII. Nathen is the perfect person to speak on this topic and you'll enjoy the huge amount of detail he has put into this video. Enjoy!

Nathen will be joining us in the chatroom on Friday 20th October 2017 to answer your questions on Henry VII, his other books and research. Here are the times in different time zones:

  • London, UK - Friday 20 October at 11pm
  • Madrid, Spain - Saturday 21 October at 12am
  • New York, USA - Friday 20th October at 6pm
  • Los Angeles, USA - Friday 20th October at 3pm
  • Sydney, Australia - Saturday 21 October at 9am
  • Adelaide, Australia - Saturday 21 October at 8.30am

You can find the chatroom at It's really easy to join in, you just go to the chatroom at the scheduled time and type your question or comment into the text box and click on "send", or feel free to lurk! They're always good fun.

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  1. R

    Excellent video, thanks. Please can you do a part two on Henry Vii’s reign?

  2. k

    Thanks for the info! I will have to check out your books!

  3. I

    I would give 5 stars if there were stars)))

  4. M

    This video was EXCELLENT! I have been enjoying Nathen’s talks about Henry VII. Own his book on The Beauforts and the Pretenders to Henry VII’s throne. Both on my keeper shelf.

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Expert talk – Henry VII by Nathen Amin