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Armada: 12 Days to Save England – Sunday 24 May BBC 2

Anita_Dobson_poised_to_play_Queen_Elizabeth_I_in_BBC2_documentaryJust to let those of you with access to the UK's BBC 2 know that Dan Snow's three part series "Armada - 12 Days to Save England" starts this Sunday (24 May) at 9pm.

Here is the blurb from The Radio Times website:

Three-part documentary about the sinking of the Spanish Armada, featuring dramatic reconstructions and information gleaned from recently recovered documents. Dan Snow boards a yacht on the English channel to get a sense of the naval battle, revealing how tensions between England and Spain were fuelled by religion, piracy and Elizabeth I's rejection of King Philip II of Spain as a suitor 30 years earlier, and how a missed opportunity could have resulted in disaster.

You can see a clip of it at

It stars Anita Dobson as Elizabeth I.

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  1. j

    Good Queen Bess!! The greatest king England ever had!

  2. M

    Yeh Jenny! I agree! Anita Dobson is stepping into some big shoes. The Yesterday Channel is airing Elizabeth I with Dame Helen Mirren on Saturday & Sunday at 9pm for those who want an alternative to Eurovision.


  3. M

    I cannot find a clue where the ‘info’ shots with Dan Snow and whoever is shot – obviously in an ancient building with connections to the action! Where is this please?

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Armada: 12 Days to Save England – Sunday 24 May BBC 2