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Tudor Life December 2014

This is our BUMPER CHRISTMAS magazine, with an amazing 108 pages packed with facts, stories and fun related to the Tudor period, and of course to Christmas too!


  • Comparing George Boleyn and Edward Seymour - Clare Cherry
  • Henry VII and Elizabeth of York - Olga Hughes
  • The princess myth: Game of Thrones - Jamie Adair
  • In the footsteps of Anne of ClevesSarah Morris
  • Henry Tudor, Richard III and the Stanleys - Mike Ingram
  • Elizabeth Seymour - Teri Fitzgerald
  • Recreating the dance music of the 16th century - Jane Moulder
  • Two rival Earls of Pembroke - Debra Bayani
  • The Tudor martyrs - Gareth Russell
  • Teh Autobiography of Henry VIII - book review by Charlie Fenton
  • National Portrait Gallery - Melanie Taylor
  • Sweet irony - Kyra Kramer
  • A short Christmas story - Beth von Staats
  • Tudor Ingenuity - Beth von Staats
  • Plymouth, a city with Tudor history - Cliff Barry
  • Tudor recipes - Claire Ridgway
  • And Tudor crafts and fun...

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Tudor Life December 2014