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Tudor History Quiz

Today's quiz is another general Tudor history quiz so grab a coffee and a snack and enjoy testing yourself on your Tudor knowledge with this fun quiz.

Tudor History Quiz

Q1) This treaty was temporarily successful in stopping the deterioration of relations between Spain and England (1574).

Treaty of Birmingham

Treaty of Dover

Treaty of Plymouth

Treaty of Bristol

Q2) This man was a friend and companion of Henry VIII and half-brother of William Fitzwilliam, Earl of Southampton.

Francis Bryan

Anthony Browne

William Paget

Anthony Cooke

Q3) This woman was governess to Mary, Elizabeth and Edward Tudor, children of Henry VIII and all future monarchs.

Joan Vaux

Margaret Bryan

Katherine Champernowne

Margaret Pole

Q4) In which year did England lose Calais to the French?





Q5) Which of the following men was NOT Lord Deputy of Calais during the Tudor era?

Arthur Plantagenet, Lord Lisle

Thomas Howard, Lord Howard

George Brooke, Lord Cobham

John Bourchier, Lord Berners

Q6) How can the 1567 Battle of Carberry Hill be described?

Nothing more than an armed negotiation

A battle that won England Calais

A battle over religious reforms

A battle caused by a dispute over enclosure

Q7) This man was chosen by Queen Elizabeth I to explain to James VI of Scotland why his mother's execution was necessary.

Robert Devereux, Earl of Essex

Henry Carey, Lord Hunsdon

Robert Dudley, Earl of Leicester

William Cecil, Lord Burghley

Q8) The Battle of Langside was a battle between....

James Stewart, Earl of Moray, and Mary, Queen of Scots

Henry VIII and Scotland

Henry VIII and Irish Rebels

Henry VII and the Cornish rebels

Q9) Which of these men did not serve as Lord Deputy of Ireland?

Sir Henry Sidney

Sir John Perrot

Anthony St Leger

Sir Richard Grenville

Q10) The Rough Wooing was a war which lasted between...

1541 and 1551

1553 and 1558

1543 and 1551

1572 and 1575

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Tudor History Quiz