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General Tudor History Quiz

Grab a coffee and your Sunday brunch and get those little grey cells working with this fun quiz on general Tudor history. Good luck!

Tudor History Quiz

Q1) The term "Evil ____ ____" refers to an event that occurred in 1517 in reference to riots that erupted in London.

London Day

May Day

Lady Day

Accession Day

Q2) This treaty was signed by James IV of Scotland and Henry VII of England in 1502.

Treaty of Perpetual Peace

Treaty of Ayton

Treaty of Edinburgh

Treaty of Union

Q3) This man was executed on 6th July 1535.

Edward Stafford

John Fisher

John Rous

Thomas More

Q4) In the 1552 Book of Common Prayer a ‘Declaration on Kneeling’ was inserted - what is this declaration known as?

The Red Rubric

The Black Rubric

The Essential

The Tudor Rubric

Q5) This treaty created a defensive alliance between England and France in 1572.

Treaty of Blois

Treaty of Ayers

Treaty of Alliance

Edict of Amboise

Q6) This man was the third husband of Lettice Knollys.

Robert Dudley

Christopher Blount

Walter Devereux

Robert Rich

Q7) In which year did Thomas Boleyn, Earl of Wiltshire and Ormond, die?





Q8) Henry VIII signed this treaty with Ferdinand II of Aragon on 17 November 1511.

Treaty of Greenwich

Treaty of Windsor

Treaty of Nonsuch

Treaty of Westminster

Q9) For how many years did Henry VII rule?





Q10) In which year did Elizabeth I fight off smallpox?





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General Tudor History Quiz